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e-Book Cover Design Awards, May 2019

By Joel Friedlander

Welcome to the e-Book Cover Design Awards. This edition is for submissions during May, 2019.

This month we acquired:

47 covers in the Fiction class
6 covers in the Nonfiction category

Guest Decide

We’re as soon as again pleased to welcome Tanja Prokop to The Ebook Designer as a visitor decide this month. Tanja was born in Germany, but lives and was raised in Croatia. Her three lovely daughters and her superb husband are her largest inspiration in life. She has an MA diploma in German language and literature and philosophy. A number of years ago she began her personal design firm and have become knowledgeable e-book cover designer. She designs covers, and is consistently creating new visual experiences for her shoppers. Tanja can also be a a number of winner of varied ebook cover design contests and has created hundreds of covers. Yow will discover her pre-made covers at E-book Design Templates, or visit her website at

Comments, Award Winners, and Gold Stars

I’ve added feedback (TP: ) to most of the entries, however not all. Keep in mind that the purpose of these posts is instructional, and by submitting you’re inviting comments, commendations, and constructive criticism.

Because of everyone who participated. I hope you take pleasure in these as much as I did. Please depart a comment to let me know which are your favorites or, should you disagree, let me know why.

Although there’s solely winner in every class, different covers that have been thought-about for the award or which stood out in some exemplary approach, are indicated with a gold star: ★

Award winners and Gold-Starred covers additionally win the correct to display our badges on their web sites, so don’t overlook to get your badge to get somewhat extra attention for the work you’ve put into your ebook.

Also please notice that we at the moment are linking profitable covers to their gross sales page on Amazon or Smashwords.

Now, with none additional ado, listed here are the winners of this month’s e-Book Cover Design Awards.

e-Book Cover Design Award Winner for May 2019 in Fiction

Ihor Tureha submitted Sands of Eppla designed by MiblArt.

TP: Love at first sight. I actually love every facet of this lovely cowl design. Superb colours, illustrations and typography. A real winner.

e-Book Cover Design Award Winner for May 2019 in Nonfiction

Gloria Squitiro submitted May Cause Drowsiness and Blurred Imaginative and prescient: The Aspect Effects of Bravery designed by Ian Koviak. “Thank you for considering my book!”

TP: A really lovely cowl design. Properly finished!

Fiction Covers

Alexandra Brandt submitted The E-book of Secrets and techniques designed by Alexandra Brandt. “Book 1 of a contemporary fantasy series redesign centered around an oracular bookstore. The visual theme reflects the look of physical books (i.e. embossed or ink effects) and I tried to keep the typeface(s) “magical” however modern.”

The Book of Secrets
TP: I actually like this shade combination. Fascinating title remedy. I might, nevertheless, change the font for the subtitle, because it is pretty arduous to learn.

Alexandra Brandt submitted The Guide of Mayhem designed by Alexandra Brandt. “Contemporary fantasy has Lovecraftian elements and some death but is not actually horror, so I tried to steer away from anything overtly dark/horror, and only hint at the deaths in the book with an “inky” effect. Did this succeed? A part of a collection redesign that’s themed around books (so meta!)”

The Book of Mayhem
TP: Another good cowl design. Eye-catching and interesting.

Amala Benny submitted Comply with Me designed by Mayflower Studio. “I really loved working on this cover. The model here is a mix of three different models plus a fair bit of digital painting. This one is among my favourites I have done.”

Follow Me
TP: I feel that the picture is superb, the fonts are nicely picked, however for some purpose it’s inconceivable to read anything on this cowl.

Angie Vancise submitted Cry of an Osprey designed by Angie Vancise. “I painted this cover to reflect the opening and ending chapters in my book.I used purples and pinks to attract attention and put the reader at ease but having the figure in silhouette creates a bit of a mystery and sadness that is worth exploring.”

Cry of an Osprey
TP: All in all, nicely balanced, but the textual content at the prime ought to be higher placed.

Bjørn Larssen submitted Storytellers designed by Bjørn Larssen. “Storytellers is a historical fiction novel set in Iceland, largely in a small, remote house – as pictured. Period fonts (late 19th/early 20th century) didn’t work with a modern HQ image ruined by sepia colour palette or filters, so I paired the Born Ready typeface with Baskerville.”

TP: A really nicely chosen image. The whole lot is in the best place. Very good!

C M Bethell submitted THE BREACH Ebook One – Devon designed by 100 cover. “Set in Seattle, thus the skyline. The designer created the symbol in the title.”

THE BREACH Book One - Devon
TP: I’m not a fan of utilizing too many pictures directly, but this designer managed to tug it off with out making the duvet too crowned. The typography can also be properly achieved.

Carol Pulitzer submitted Little Theater designed by Carol Pulitzer. “Yellow, my least favorite color, somehow worked. Title is Futura PT_Extra Bold, subtitle, Futura PT_Heavy, and name set in Canterbury Sans Medium_Swash. Significance:I always wanted my hair to look like this.”

Little Theater
TP: A nicely designed cover. Unusual and subsequently very fascinating.

Dan Van Oss submitted The Cartel Takedown designed by Covermint Design.

The Cartel Takedown
TP: Very appealing and nicely designed. Good work!

Darja DDD submitted Wunderkinds designed by Milo from Deranged Doctor Design. “Sword & Sorcery Fantasy book cover design, The Secret Seven 1”

TP: A really nicely designed cowl collection.

Darja DDD submitted Stormdaughter designed by Milo from Deranged Physician Design. “Sword & Sorcery Fantasy book cover design, The Secret Seven 2”

TP: I actually like the colors on this design, very nicely completed.

Darja DDD submitted Fellowships designed by Milo from Deranged Physician Design. “Sword & Sorcery Fantasy book cover design, The Secret Seven 3”

TP: That is my favourite cowl design within the collection. Despite the fact that all of them look very good, this one appeals to me probably the most.

Darja DDD submitted The Longest Night time designed by Milo from Deranged Doctor Design. “Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction book cover design, Enter Darkness Book 1”

The Longest Night
TP: I’m unsure that I have ever seen a nasty design from this designer. I actually like the typography remedy. ★

Darja DDD submitted Lifeless Of Winter designed by Milo from Deranged Doctor Design. “Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction book cover design, Enter Darkness Book 2”

Dead Of Winter
TP: Again, one other superb cowl design. I really like the image on this one.

Darja DDD submitted First Mild designed by Milo from Deranged Doctor Design. “Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction book cover design, Enter Darkness Book 5”

First Light
TP: Very interesting and professional wanting.

Darja DDD submitted Trust In Love designed by Marushka from Deranged Physician Design. “Contemporary Romance book cover design”

Trust In Love
TP: A fantastic cover. Nice colours.

David Grigg submitted Lily Campbell’s Secret designed by David Grigg. “Cover uses a contemporary painting to depict the suffering of a young woman whose husband returns injured from WWI. Bodoni font used to suggest period.”

Lily Campbell's Secret
TP: A properly balanced and strong cover.

Diana Ani Stokely submitted The Wedding ceremony Crasher designed by Diana Ani Stokely. “I was thinking of a bride’s bouquet, a torn photograph, a sense of threat. I particularly like the touch of purple in the thistle flower, as it complements the goldenrod yellow of the subtitle and author names.”

The Wedding Crasher
TP: I feel that with slightly bit more engagement, this cover would look a lot better.

Ezekial Wojtkowiak submitted Dormancy designed by Ilse Gort. “Fantasy novels often feature white, straight male protagonists. Dormancy’s protagonist isn’t, and I didn’t want it to be dismissed. In a genre dominated by archaic standards, I wanted to put the protagonist right on the cover, where people couldn’t ignore him.”

TP: The image used on this cover is unbelievable, but the title ought to be created extra appealing and undoubtedly not in the same colour as the background. The typography obtained utterly misplaced and isn’t visible.

Forrest Johnson submitted A Overseas Shore: The Firm of Ladies designed by Tania Kerins.

A Foreign Shore: The Company of Women
TP: The picture is totally in focus leaving no spotlight for the title. Regardless that the picture is essential, it is too dominant.

Hampton Lamoureux submitted Clearcut designed by Hampton Lamoureux.

TP: A really lovely cover design. I really like the typography remedy. ★

Hampton Lamoureux submitted Rainier’s Republic designed by Hampton Lamoureux.

Rainier's Republic
TP: Once more a tremendous cover design by a very gifted cowl artist. Nice colors and image remedy.

Hampton Lamoureux submitted Enchantment designed by Hampton Lamoureux.

TP: A gorgeous cowl design, nevertheless, the subtext could possibly be slightly bit extra vivid.

ileso DMC submitted The Request For Lambency designed by ileso DMC. “The cover design represents the prologue.”

The Request For Lambency
TP: A stupendous picture, however very plain typography.

JD Lasica submitted Catch and Kill designed by Damonza. “The best covers are sometimes the simplest. The artist incorporated my directions for a megayacht on fire, a smoky sky, a tropical vibe and the two protagonists on the run. Most important, the image and typography tell you it’s an action thriller at a glance.”

Catch and Kill
TP: Very eye-catching and appealing. Nice work!

Jim Barber submitted Plowed Fields designed by Jane Hill. “My designer captured the heart of the book. Where I literally saw a field and horizon, she envisioned beauty, depth and possibility. Her design transformed a simple plowed field into an elegant, yet realistic, sense of time and place that will stay with the reader long after the book is finished.”

Plowed Fields
TP: A really nice image and good textual content placement.

Jodi Auborn submitted Matthias: The Ghost of Salvation Point designed by James (AKA Humble Nations) at GoOnWrite. “The pirate flag, old books, and silhouettes of the sailboat and lighthouse represent different themes of this children’s novel. I wanted the cover to have a mysterious and ghostly feel, yet also convey the carefree spirit of a childhood summer vacation.”

Matthias: The Ghost of Salvation Point
TP: Again a cover design that I really like from the top to the underside. Lovely! ★

Jordon Greene submitted A Mark on My Soul designed by Jordon Greene / Robert Webb. “The cover image is an original painting made specifically for A Mark on My Soul by Lincolnton, NC artist Robert Webb.”

A Mark on My Soul
TP: I really like this portray and this cowl design. Very, very good! ★

José María Bravo submitted Sombras y ceniza designed by José María Bravo. “Cover art illustration by Zsofia Dankova.”

Sombras y ceniza
TP: A fantastic cowl art. Every thing could be very nicely positioned and designed.

JoyceMajor Joyce Main submitted The Orangutan Rescue Gang designed by Steve Mead. “The image of 3 kids and a baby orangutan escaping to the rainforest set in the colors of an orangutan and the rainforest speak for themselves.”

The Orangutan Rescue Gang
TP: A very good cowl design.

Korinthia Klein submitted Seducing Cat designed by Karen Anne Klein. “The scarlet origami cat references the name of the main character, her husband’s hobby of making things out of paper, and adultery. The crumpled page behind it is a piece of writing alluded to in the novel.”

Seducing Cat
TP: Very fascinating and appealing, however might use a bit more work.

Kristina Kelly submitted Trials of the Innermost designed by Gabe Wilson. “This cover features three of the six main characters within the novel and one of their two animal companions.”

Trials of the Innermost
TP: The duvet would in all probability look a bit better, if the duvet was much less crowded.

Mark Reid submitted Bond of a Dragon designed by Mark from AuthorPackages. “The author wanted a dramatic fantasy cover with rich colours, signifying the bond between his main character and the dragon.”

Bond of a Dragon
TP: A really lovely cowl design. ★

Melissa Addey submitted A String of Silver Beads designed by Streetlight Graphics. “A work of historical fiction centred around a young woman who disguises herself as a Berber trader, hence the use of camels and the girl’s half-hidden face.”

A String of Silver Beads
TP: Lovely colours. The typography might use a bit more engagement.

Melissa Addey submitted None Corresponding to She designed by Streetlight Graphics. “The blurb quotes a 12th-century text saying that this is the woman for whom Marrakech was built, hence old Moroccan buildings in the background.”

None Such as She
TP: Again, similar drawback as on the previous cowl design. The typography must be better.

Melissa Addey submitted The Backyard of Good Brightness designed by Streetlight Graphics. “The ‘garden’ in the title is very key to the plot, hence the use of a floral background for the two characters. The lead male character is a reluctant priest and so we tried to find a pose which hinted at the religious aspect without it being too strong.”

The Garden of Perfect Brightness
TP: I’m not a fan of covers with too many characters on them. This font seems very nicely when only one phrase is emphasised, but when it’s used like this, it’s a little bit far and wide.

Monika Naidoo submitted Where Sleeping Lies Lie designed by Monika Naidoo. “The story is a modern day mystery wrapped around a historical fiction. Both time periods are represented by the black and white back ground and the contrasting yellow leaf. The view over the bridge symbolizes the MC’s journey into the past as she searches for the truth.”

Where Sleeping Lies Lie
TP: The picture could be very lovely, nevertheless, the typography needs lots of work.

Mutch Katsonga submitted Past The Spiral Gates designed by Austin Macauley Publishers. “The cover represents the setting in which the plot unfolds. The font was intended to show the gritty nature of the story.”

Beyond The Spiral Gates
TP: The font undoubtedly is gritty as said in the description, but it’s also very uneven and might be better placed.

Mutch Katsonga submitted The Melancholy Historical past Of Mayfly designed by Mutch Katsonga. “The image relates to where the protagonist’s environment and the font alludes to the medieval,spiritual aspects of the story.”

The Melancholy History Of Mayfly
TP: The picture per se appears high quality, nevertheless, the title remedy could be very confusing and unreadable. The writer identify could be very small and utterly unreadable.

Paul Fox submitted Sea-Change designed by Writer.

TP: All photographs are stretched and the duvet seems very amateurish.

Phillipa Nefri Clark submitted Martha designed by Steam Power Studios. “The font connects all five in the series together. I asked for a vintage feel and slightly uncertain-of-the-future imagery.”

TP: A nice cowl general, however it might be good to ensure the subtitle is readable.

Ross Winkler submitted A Warrior’s Sacrifice designed by Jake Clark. “I wanted combat elements on the cover to root the book within the Military Sci-Fi genre. The foreground character and his shattered helmet was to inform the reader that in addition to physical combat, I would focus the emotional toll of war.”

A Warrior's Sacrifice
TP: Robust colors and great title remedy.

Roxanne Sackville submitted Drago’s Destiny designed by Bianca Sommerland. “The colors chosen were to resonate a distant planet in another galaxy and my characters chosen based on their warrior appeal. They looked battle ready which this novel oozed.”

Drago's Destiny
TP: Robust imagery. The typography needs a lot more engagement. This shade of purple and such a dark background work poorly collectively. I recommend a cautious utilization of bevels and blending options.

SarahMyria Carter submitted Hera’s Doom designed by SarahMyriaCarter. “The dagger is Hera’s blue dagger, that she uses at the end in the final battle”

Hera's Doom
TP: I can tell that the thought of the duvet concept was good. I assume that the duvet was alleged to have a golden frame, but it’s partially visible and the middle of the writer identify isn’t readable. Apart from that, the duvet really seems to be interesting.

Simon Markusson submitted The Unchosen: E-book One among The Queen Past designed by Standout Books. “I have to admit that I can sit for minutes just staring at this cover. I love the autumn color palette and the way the woman’s eyes draw you in. Also the feelings of frailty and loneliness that the rider gives rise to–while at the same time establishing a sense of purpose.”

The Unchosen: Book One of The Queen Beyond
TP: A ravishing cover! Very nice title remedy. ★

Taylor Hobbs submitted Sonder Village designed by Debbie Taylor. “The scallop shell featured is the symbol for the Camino de Santiago, a pilgrimage path through northern Spain.”

Sonder Village
TP: Regardless that the colours are very lovely, the text is nearly unreadable.

Victoria Corva submitted Books & Bone designed by Anna Pazyniuk (artist), Victoria Corva (Textual content art). “I love the tiny details hidden in the art, including the details on her pack, the book she’s holding, the skulls on her bracelet, the skulls in the green magic, the bodies in the shelves on the walls, etc.”

Books & Bone
TP: A very nicely balanced and genre-appropriate cover design.

Nonfiction Covers

Bryant Lusk submitted Osteoporosis & Osteopenia: Vitamin Remedy for Stronger Bones designed by Cherie Foxley. “If you look closely, you will find that Cherie drew bones inside of the mannequin’s limbs to represent the power of my natural approach to treating the bone-disease, osteoporosis. She also included a “heartbeat” graph to characterize the theme of my ebook collection, which is known as SHARE THE HEALTH.”

Osteoporosis & Osteopenia: Vitamin Therapy for Stronger Bones
TP: Good utilization of images that represents the essence of the ebook.

Mark Reid submitted Pop Culture Magick designed by Mark from AuthorPackages. “Taylor wanted an eye-catching cover for his non-fiction book that screamed pop culture, with bold colours that would draw the reader in.”

Pop Culture Magick
TP: Provided that this can be a non-fiction ebook, it may be sending out the improper message. Nevertheless, the design is certainly eye-catching.

Richard White submitted Shattered Glass designed by Richard White. “Shattered Glass is a book of dark poetry in memory of students author Richard White went to school with, that lost their fight with depression, or their fight with drug abuse. Shattered Glass explores themes of mental health, depression, anxiety, PTSD, drug addiction, and suicide.”

Shattered Glass
TP: I’m not a fan of outlined textual content. It might use somewhat bit extra work.

Shwetha H S submitted Blues Brewery: melancholy at its greatest designed by “Blue colour is associated with melancholy, the source of inspiration for my poems in my book Blues Brewery. As to the cup of black coffee, we sometimes brew coffee to drink it and ward away melancholy. The white in the background and flowers denote me. Shwetha means white in Sanskrit.”

Blues Brewery: melancholy at its best
TP: A nicely balanced cover design.

Ukpeme Okon submitted The Values String: A ebook on Transitional Life, Compelling Achievement, and Profound Peace. designed by Marko Markovic. “Fonts: Title white-Times New Roman, in white circle – Bradley Hand ITC, subtitle is Minion Pro italic. Color is orange: 50magenta and 100 yellow. Orange resonates with messages of joy, vibrancy, creativity, balance, good health, encouragement, determination, resilience, etc., in The Values String.”

The Values String: A book on Transitional Life, Compelling Fulfillment, and Profound Peace.
TP: I really like the thought behind this design. I might recommend by no means to use so many fonts in one design. ★

Properly, that’s it for this month. I hope you discovered it fascinating, and that you simply’ll share with different individuals inquisitive about self-publishing.

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