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Are Cryptocurrencies a Ponzi Scheme? Yes. – Ways to Avoid SCAMS Online

In case you are involved in cryptocurrencies, likelihood is you’re not in the like to learn this. Typically the truth of what is occurring is skewed by the internal want to generate profits. That’s truthful and I can utterly perceive the emotion behind wanting one thing that you’re “investing” in to succeed.

The problem is what you’re investing in could also be Ponzi scheme in any case and within this publish I am going to assess Cryptos in a method that hopefully gives everybody some clarity.

Can You Make Money With Cryptocurrencies?

First, earlier than I get started though. I don’t spend money on crypto currencies, just because I don’t view them as an astute funding and I definitely don’t view them as a long-term and sustainable investment.

In respect to having the ability to generate income with cryptocurrencies, certainly you possibly can. There’s truly a lot of room to make a nice deal of money, as there’s with any risky investment that can be moved 30% in a day by news, or by sell offs/high demand.

Like anything although, whether you can also make money with it doesn’t “legitimize” it. It definitely doesn’t make the argument for crypto any extra strong stating that it “makes me money”, which tends to be the angle that most individuals and schemes on the market are using to attempt to draw individuals into either BUYING into an Preliminary Coin Offering (ICO) and present coin, or into a scheme layered on prime of a cryptocurrency (which for my part is probably the most ruthless of all).

You will have in all probability read many stories of individuals turning into in a single day millionaires with crypto foreign money. That’s thrilling to read about, and much more thrilling to have happened to you.

The issue is, I can virtually guarantee that these similar individuals (or lots of them) are going to have a story about how they have misplaced every part as a results of the crypto currencies both dropping in a single day or being in a state of affairs where they simply can’t promote during a drop with the hopes of it going up eternally.

And it gained’t go up eternally, albeit that is what people are telling you. I hear yelling of, “BitCoin to a $1,000,000!”….”Ripple going to be the alternative for fiat foreign money.”

It merely shouldn’t be going to occur. And right here is why.

Cryptocurrencies Actual Worth, ZERO.

What kind of worth would you put on a “bit”. In other words, the precise trade of cryptos and the value of them intrinsically is predicated on 1’s and zero’s, the make up of a foreign money and anything digital. The issue is, the one thing driving up the worth of a cryptocurrency is the high demand, the very thing that may drive them down is lack of demand.

Yes, similar to be stated concerning the inventory market, stock choices, and different currencies as properly.  These investments sometimes have “assets” backing their valuation though .

Once I spend money on, say, Apple (AAPL is the ticker), I’m in essence buying a portion of the Apple in hopes that their firm will proceed to create good merchandise, will proceed to grow, and can continue to pay dividends. In the event that they fail, my preliminary investment goes down however I’m buying a proportion of their belongings, their mental prowess, their progress, and their business. Fairly powerful proper.

Sure, there’s supply and demand involved in stocks.

What about a house. I buy a house, it has value. It not solely value money to construct that house, the land is value something. And sure, there’s supply and demand that may influence the worth of that home, typically pushing it down under the worth through which I might purchase it (just like the 2007/2008 crash), typically so inflated that it’s cheaper to purchase land and construct a home (in many areas, that is what it is like now).

However there’s intrinsic worth to my asset, to my buy, to my investment.

Once I spend money on crypto foreign money, it is utterly relied on supply and demand and there’s completely no intrinsic worth to my investment. It’s 1’s and 0’s, it isn’t backed by any belongings, the one worth to me is somebody that is prepared to pay greater than I paid for the cryptocurrency itself. That is how I earn cash from it, and the best way that I lose money from it’s if somebody shouldn’t be prepared to pay that any longer.

This is a drawback.

Cryptocurrencies are an Funding, Not a Foreign money.

For now. I gained’t argue the usefulness of blockchain know-how. There are some deserves to it, however individuals have a tendency to cover that as the core purpose for using Crypto. It’s secure. Properly, not likely.

Fiat foreign money (nation based mostly currencies) are very straightforward to spend, and it is globally recognized as a form of cost. I can take a Baht, or a Canadian greenback, or a USD greenback, or a Rupee to a financial institution and get this exchanged to any foreign money that I like. These are fiat currencies and these are backed by the nations, not necessarily by gold.

One other straw man argument is that fiat is the most important scam on the earth. Nicely, we’re all dwelling in a single huge rip-off then, we spend fiat to purchase our homes, to buy our automobiles, to pay for our holidays, to buy our groceries and to pay our taxes (which make our economies tick).

Yes, each time you could have government involvement they’re going be many things that you do not like concerning the foreign money.  The truth that foreign money might be printed and distributed to banks can lead to issues like inflation and an general drop in the value of a foreign money.

They’re REAL currencies though. You possibly can spend them.

Cryptocurrencies are TRADED, they don’t seem to be spent. Nearly all of the time they are being spent, its when someone takes their capital positive aspects by means of “selling” their crypto to the subsequent individual, and exchanging it into an actual fiat foreign money. Hmm.

The argument is that it is a brand-new foreign money and its going to take a while to undertake, however the different drawback is that there’re lots of of those currencies popping up they usually all carry the identical ZERO worth, and are based mostly purely on provide and demand and or purely an funding mechanism, not an actual foreign money being used or spent anyplace.

It has been HACKED, many occasions.

Many people argue that crypto currencies are a lot safer due to blockchain know-how. If you need to

examine blockchain you are able to do so here. I wouldn’t argue that blockchain isn’t safe, it is extremely secure. The problem is that you’ve many third events involved.

You’ve cryptocurrency exchanges, you could have individuals making transaction, you’ve gotten the hardware creators, you could have crypto miners, you have got retailers (that settle for them) and you have businesses layered on prime of all the crypto selling pure SCHEMES making an attempt to train you ways to make your fortunes on crypto.

So although there’s safety in blockchain, the platform, as there’s with banking platforms, there isn’t security when it comes to the totally different entities which might be involved in the switch of cryptocurrencies and the PEOPLE which are concerned in crypto.

A number of the shadiest, most unethical people have moved their whole practices over to the crypto world.

The subsequent argument is that cryptocurrencies are of great interest by largest onlinee retailers. They are the subsequent to adopt Bitcoin or some alt coin, are they not?

Amazon WILL NOT Accept Crypto as it’s Now.

Individuals are speculating that Amazon is going to begin accepting crypto. You’d be fallacious. I’ll inform you why.

On a good day, Amazon operates on a few points of profit. Which means in the event that they sell a fridge for $1,000, they could make $10 or $20 on the end of the day. They revenue on quantity, they usually profit on building their clients listing which is going to continue to create a nice deal of alternatives for them as time moves on. I digress concerning the Amazon business mannequin, as that is in addition to the point.

The extra essential point is that no secure retail company, on-line or offline, will ever accept an unstable foreign money. Particularly one that doesn’t simply convert into actual money, one thing that has no regulation, and one thing that would lose virtually all of its value without discover.

There’s a surge in funding into crypto from giant corporations and firms, however these are more “opportunistic” performs, somewhat than strategic enterprise plays. Yes, a cryptocurrency might have a life contained in the retail world sooner or later, but in its present risky state I don’t consider you will notice any penetration or adoption inside the on-line retail world. It simply doesn’t make sense.

Cryptocurrencies Cater to MOST Individuals’s “Get Rich Quick” Mentality.

Most people want to earn money, without doing a lot. Being within the affiliate internet marketing business for the last 16 years full time, and dealing with over a million individuals by way of the platform, I’ve seen a lot of people who act out of desperation to earn money, or folks that simply are usually not really prepared to work for cash.

Actually, I have been drawn into the thought of “making money fast” through the years within the investment world. There are devices comparable to choice buying and selling that permit for this, however the newest and biggest is the Cryptocurrency Area. Each time you have got this kind of alternative and other people selling this chance, you will have a giant crowd of people “following the herd”.

There have some Cyrptoschemes lately shut down by the FTC and SEC as being Ponzi schemes and CoinDesk has just lately reported that over 70 schemes have been shut down thus far.

If somebody is making an attempt to sell you on a scheme layered on prime of purchasing the actual alt coins yourself, then watch out. There’s a excellent probability you’re getting involved in something illegal and for those who then promote that unlawful entity to someone else, you’re probably going to be answerable for that.

Are Cryptocurrencies One Massive Ponzi Scheme?

For my part, they are. The reason is that so as to get your cash out of them and truly spend them, you want a newcomer on the other end paying for the crypto. There’s a restricted supply of most cryptos which means that may inflate the demand for them, but the issue is that they haven’t any worth.

Cryptocurrency Ponzi Scheme

The worth to an investor is the concept somebody can pay more in your cash than you probably did. To get your money out of it, you somebody at the bottom rung to buy in with their “fiat currency” to ensure that you to cash out.

So if I’m from the US, and I truly need to understand my income, I have to find a buyer. That is wonderful for now, as there’s a flood of individuals fearing they are going to miss out on this craze and are prepared to pay $15,000 for a Bitcoin or $1,110 for an Ethereum coin, or $2.50 for a Ripple coin or xyz for ____ coin.

What occurs when there are not any consumers although? The value evaporates.  That’s a scary concept and for this reason cryptocurrencies might be deemed as a Ponzi scheme.  As quickly as the “new blood” to the investment pool stops, the worth of it crumbles.

As you’re in all probability realizing, I am not a big proponent for cryptocurrencies in its present state. I do see worth in the know-how indeed and it will undoubtedly evolve, but we live in a present state the place a lot of individuals will make a lot of cash, a lot of individuals will lose a lot of money, and a lot of scams shall be created out of the chance inside crypto itself.

Would love to hear your thoughts, suggestions and insights into crypto.