42 Fundación Telefónica Iniciativas

“42 is the future and achieves that professional success that many expect”

42 arrives in Spain with Fundación Telefónica. Last month, in June, the president of Telefónica, José María Álvarez-Pallete, announced the start-up of this free programming campus, cataloged as the most revolutionary and successful in the world. It can open its doors in September in Spain, in Madrid, and in the heart of the firm: Telefónica District.

Luis Miguel Olivas, International Head of Employability, Fundación Telefónica and Laura Castela, answerable for 42 Madrid, tell us about this great differential venture and intestine us what is 42, who can take part, the way it works and its enlargement …

Why 42? And the way has it been attainable to deliver this campus to Spain?

Luis Miguel: For years, Fundación Telefónica has been working for employability, in the area of ​​digital profiles that the labor market is demanding and that will not be being coated in corporations. After mapping eighty worldwide establishments, we knew that 42 was the sort of venture we needed to deploy and we went for it.

It has been a tough course of. It has not been straightforward to get it, it has been a busy month, the French are the material to negotiate!

Laura Castela: However right here it is, we have now achieved it, since June three, 2019 has seen the mild, second that we current it and open the inscriptions. And the outcomes are spectacular, figures that we by no means dreamed of in that first go to to Paris, greater than a yr ago.

How many individuals have registered?

Laura: As we speak we now have greater than 12,500 individuals registered. In the first 48 hours, virtually eight,000 individuals signed up. Superb.

What do you assume this success is as a consequence of?

Luis Miguel: Because 42 breaks with the conventional methodology. It is an revolutionary training that trains you in transversal competences comparable to tolerance to frustration, creativity, teamwork, as well as in these digital information that are elementary at the moment. 42 has already proven great successes. The typical is that when the college students finish, they’ve eight job provides! The labor insertion is of 100%, the corporations are raffled to the college students and greater than 40% didn’t have previous information of programming. In Paris 42 it has more notoriety and status than the polytechnic faculty.


42 is greater than a programming campus …

Luis Miguel: That's proper, 42 is a philosophy, a brand new fashion of life, the most revolutionary faculty of programming, cataloged by many. We prepare individuals to be educated to unravel digital challenges, challenges of the 21st century. We are breaking the guidelines, from the heart of our headquarters, of the business tradition, with an agile, progressive idea. At present 42 is the Wayra of the programmers.

Laura: The scholars not solely come to program, 42 prepare you for all the digital profiles that the market is demanding: the methodology allows it, from cybersecurity, blockchain, huge knowledge, videogames, even new contents, that are generated on the fly, from the college students themselves.

In 42 you study to study. Principally it is on the lookout for life, they are drawback solvers, not programmers. It has the whole lot. The idea is the programming, but on this all technical and digital branches are constructed.

What makes 42 totally different?

Laura: All the things is totally different.

It is open 24 hours a day and 7 days every week for the scholar to be the owner of their own learning. Determine what you research, once you research and at what tempo you research it. There are not any conventional academics, however there is a pedagogical group behind, with a unique, accompanying position. Since you enter, all the things is totally different. To start with, there are not any courses, there are a whole lot of computer systems and totally different areas, because 42 is coexistence as properly, not solely are technical expertise developed, but in addition very essential expertise, similar to: a number of work between friends, this is essential, collaboration, creativity , loads of communication, 42 is a hotbed of magic.

The area shall be totally different from when one enters the door. It is an revolutionary and inspiring website. Between these areas, there can be an agora, which shall be essential as a result of it can have occasions daily of the yr, 7 days every week, 24 hours a day.

In addition, 42 is an open place. We would like everyone who is , corporations, entrepreneurs, establishments, to enter and nourish every thing that is going to occur there.


How does this pedagogical workforce work? Is it coordinated from Paris?

The methodology is based mostly on tasks and work in pairs (peer to see), with academics with a task of facilitators and monitoring of students at the native degree. And behind every faculty, there is the help of the pedagogical group from the matrix, in Paris, which provides service to all the academies when it comes to content and platforms. There are presently 10 academies open throughout the world and 12 more will open this yr. This workforce in Paris tracks and incorporates content material in an agile and versatile approach, with a continuing update.

By listening to the hours 24 hours, will there even be rooms to sleep? And occasional outlets?

There is no particular place to sleep, but there will probably be places to relaxation and loosen up, to change concepts, to take pleasure in. There will even be locations to eat, to disconnect, and leisure.

Who could be a scholar of 42?

The only requirement to be part of 42 is to be over 18 years previous. As long as there is angle, want and time is sufficient. The academy, and this is essential to make clear, is 100% face-to-face throughout the period of the coaching, which is also versatile, in line with the rhythm of every scholar.

The most typical profile is younger individuals because of the calls for of the campus, but no one is going to say no to someone due to their age. You could or might not have earlier programming information. We’ve a really geeky profile, guys who usually are not interested in the more conventional coaching, but a profile of not so younger interested individuals who need to reinvent themselves is additionally emerging.

Luis Miguel: Right here I make an attraction to the women, we put to steer a woman, a enthusiastic about know-how and that is pure angle. We need to break limitations, there are alternatives for the future for everybody. We now have to get 42 Madrid to be the campus with the highest proportion of women.


Now there is another query about the registration process and the choice of candidates so that everyone understands methods to be part of 42.

How is one recorded and how lengthy is the deadline?

Laura: The registration course of is open and does not close all through the yr. You just need to enter 42madrid.com and click on the Register button. You allow your mail and you might have access to both online exams. The primary one is very brief, extra of memory, between four and ten minutes; and the second is a psycho-technical, logical-mathematical check that lasts approximately two and a half hours. It is essential that the individual has this time to be able to carry out the check with out distractions and with good connectivity.

People who cross the two exams are sent an e mail in order that they know what day and time they will sign up to what we name the pool. The primary 300 to register are these that enter. The check score is not decisive for this entry, it is only essential to move the two exams in an effort to have the opportunity and does not require prior programming information. 42 rewards angle and effort. For many who do not handle to be amongst the prime 300, there will probably be extra alternatives in the following swimming pools.


Cowl of the 42Madrid web site

What precisely is the pool?

The pool lasts 28 days. And it’s a must to do 14 tasks. Who endures this strategy of preselection and reach the finish, which is demanding, is within 42. And there is no competition amongst people who are in the pool, there is a spot for all those that handle to beat the 14 tasks. This is essential for everyone to be clear about as a result of what is relevant is collaboration and serving to each other to move ahead.

Luis Miguel: To the pool one throws with out floats, there are not any hoses! You need to throw your self and right here natural preselection is made.

What capacity does the campus have and when does the first pool start?

Luis Miguel: Every pool has 300 individuals, however the capability of the faculty is 900 individuals in complete. The primary pool begins round the nook on September 2 and might be situated in the North Plaza de Distrito.

Is there an enlargement plan for 42 beyond Madrid?

Luis Miguel: Considered one of the duties as a Foundation is ambition, we need to convey the greatest experiences and scale them. We’re launching 42 virtually at the similar time in Madrid and Sao Paulo, and very quickly we’ll go to other cities in Spain, and in different nations corresponding to: Colombia, Chile, Argentina. Quickly we may give you more particulars.


How lengthy is the agreement between Telefónica and 42?

Luis Miguel: We deliver the methodology with a minimal commitment of 3 years. And from there on what we’d like. The thought is that such a learning extra progressive, versatile, that adapts to the real needs of the scholar, is impregnated in the system of regulated learning. The perfect is that, in 5, 6, or 10 years we should not have to be interested by more faculties because the centers have already got one of these schooling. When this is so, we won’t want 42.

Does Fundación Telefónica produce other initiatives to deal with this digital divide?

Yes, Fundación Telefónica has been for greater than 20 years, promoting and supporting coaching in digital expertise and entrepreneurial expertise “soft skills”. We now have packages in progress in secondary faculty, professional coaching, outdoors of regulated schooling, so that these individuals with a not so digital profile can get to have a job in new environments. The future is already current, employability is one in every of the nice social scourges that we are living in many nations. Our duty as a Foundation is to put individuals at the middle of this transformation.

What kind of tasks have you ever launched?

Luis Miguel: We’ve lately launched, for instance: Map of Employment (or Employability Bot), which with massive knowledge tools and IA discover all the training supply of the labor market, we all know the scholar and we provide greater than 60 platforms in open by way of a private assistant, with a customized itinerary.

As well as, we launched Conecta Empleo three years in the past for people who didn’t know how one can program, to train them in the improvement of cellular purposes, virtual actuality, platforms, video games, current digital profiles that corporations are demanding and not accessible from the typical schooling system. Conecta Empleo is attaining that in 3 or four months many individuals can find work in these digital environments.


To finish, what would you say to somebody who has doubts about 42:

Laura: Once I entered this cool room, by the method, I saw a poster that caught my attention because it has that spirit 42. “There are people who look at the present and ask themselves why? There are people who look at the future and they wonder why not? ” That's 42, why not attempt it? What do you must lose? This instructional model may be for you, or not. Attempt it, right?

Luis Miguel: Completely. 42 is to beat all these limitations, once we begin this journey to implement 42 we discover many obstacles and many “can not”, but we all the time look for an alternate approach to make it potential. 42 is the future of many individuals, it breaks the rules of studying, but above all it achieves that professional success that many anticipate. I invite you to be part of the 42nd movement, of this new philosophy and that we will build a new path collectively.

Laura: We began in September. 42madrid.com Why not?